Determination Is The Key

Usually being a beginner to the world of blogging, I bypass the daily prompts.

Today the suggested prompt word ‘harmonize’ sparked interest. It’s a word I’ve become used to hearing the past few months since resuming piano lessons two months ago.

Although away from the music instrumental world for a period of time, I returned with a passion fueled with desire to learn more and complete both of my Adult All-In-One Course Level 1 books.

Previously I had gone off course when I requested to learn certain artists’ tunes and of course I can’t forget those beautiful Christmas carols.

I chose without the instructor’s request to review the manual page by page starting with Page 1. This extra-curricular activity already paid off in the short term when this past week I mastered quite a difficult piece over a two-week period.

The instructor’s smile and input were a most heartwarming reward for all the effort I’d  put into self-discipline practice.

Harmony in piano is defined as playing notes together. It accompanies melody which is made up of notes played separately. I attained my goal to play both hands together in perfect harmony.

This senior citizen is quite pleased with herself and looking forward to the next challenge amidst the 30 pages shy of completion of that first level book.

In life one is never too old to learn.

The Monday Peeve 5

“To Thine Own Self Be True” ~ quote coined by William Shakespeare.

Self-question:  Should I vent or should I dismiss person’s actions?

The decision made = do both.

I’ve found blogging to be fun, interesting, educational and therapeutic.

Today’s vent:

An individual put out a request for participants. I sent said person an e-mail.

Based on the contents of my blog I found a reply message declining my offer to come 


I was fine with the non-acceptance – it takes more than rejection to cause me distress.

Everyone who blogs doesn’t wish to tell the blogosphere world intimate sordid details. 

Sensationalism may gain more followers only that certainly was no goal of mine.

Moving on to what irked me was when I read a later post from same individual with

a new request based on shared words.

My closing thoughts:

One may take courses related to certain problems, read books on self-improvement yet

only another who has walked in same or similar shoes knows the real pain.

Each of us is unique and how we choose to handle whatever life dishes out is our


Please take a reminder for WP future post






Three Things Challenge: #31

Today's words: range - sugar - army

Monday's mood range hot 'n cold
Irked thanks to unseen army ants
Obvious enter thru kitchen back door
Travelled like soldiers across gray carpet
In search of sugar bothersome pests found
Different treat within kitchen wastebasket
Remnants last night's pepperoni pizza
Irritated thy place box outside and vacuum rug
A not-so-nice wish for those social annoyances

Three Things Challenge: #31 

The Sunday Whirl: Wordle #425


Designer-style clothing store’s shy owner follow

Conversation betwixt fashionistas bit cut-and-dry

Fearful spoken words salt old wounds she forge 

Chitchat light ’bout dresses finger points selections

And then it happened – an argumentative collide

Loud remark ‘seen the sequin dress first’ therefore tis mine

Territorial cats fight underway

Dress designer’s quick reaction free ladies from themselves

Reveal certain find another same or similar shop’s back room

Owner’s burst laughter turned tears of joy cautious dress remain dry.








Little Birdie Told Me ~ Article Showed Me

Bluebird happiness
Atop sugar canister 
Rare pick up cover
Added sugar ne’er bother
Place teaspoons sweeten tea
Nor found inside hot nor iced coffee

Sugar intake became best friend when
Alone at night bowl ice cream consume
Result gain back portion pounds took months lose
Anew today start over again – say farewell ‘good-bye’
Favorite culprit replacement cut-up healthy snacks
Sad shame bad habits haunt resurface find their way back.