Determination Is The Key

Usually being a beginner to the world of blogging, I bypass the daily prompts.

Today the suggested prompt word ‘harmonize’ sparked interest. It’s a word I’ve become used to hearing the past few months since resuming piano lessons two months ago.

Although away from the music instrumental world for a period of time, I returned with a passion fueled with desire to learn more and complete both of my Adult All-In-One Course Level 1 books.

Previously I had gone off course when I requested to learn certain artists’ tunes and of course I can’t forget those beautiful Christmas carols.

I chose without the instructor’s request to review the manual page by page starting with Page 1. This extra-curricular activity already paid off in the short term when this past week I mastered quite a difficult piece over a two-week period.

The instructor’s smile and input were a most heartwarming reward for all the effort I’d  put into self-discipline practice.

Harmony in piano is defined as playing notes together. It accompanies melody which is made up of notes played separately. I attained my goal to play both hands together in perfect harmony.

This senior citizen is quite pleased with herself and looking forward to the next challenge amidst the 30 pages shy of completion of that first level book.

In life one is never too old to learn.

SoCS – April 1st

today’s prompt:  ‘antic’ plus bonus points usage it within another word

April first showers
weather representative 
fourth month wee droplets 

partial March antic
reviews await written words
finished whirlwind reads 

amidst hiatus
Blogosphere daily writes miss 
absence heart fonder

potpourri semantics thrill
expectations zest



Share Your World-March 13th

Prompt:  4 questions with an additional optional 

1.    What kind of music do you like?
Ans:  I love country music and quite enjoyed playing country tunes
on my keyboard.
Johnny Cash’ “Walk the Line”, Patsy Cline’s “Crazy”, Keith Urban’s
“Days Go By” and Blake Shelton’s “Came Here to Forget” were some
selections I managed to play from sheet music.

2. What is your favorite food?
Ans:  I love ice cream. In younger years I made frappes, consumed
countless ice cream cones and hot fudge sundaes.
Due to age and slowed down metabolism I can no longer indulge
since although tasty it adds to my spare tire. 
Ben & Jerry’s ‘Cherry Garcia’ is my favorite flavor.

3. What is your favorite tipple? (For those who don’t drink, what do
you order when out with friends)?
Ans:  The occasional Sloe Gin Fizz Cocktail or glass of Zinfandel wine
was curtailed back in 1994 due to medication.
I now order either raspberry iced tea or coffee milk.

4.  What relaxes you (music, reading, walking, meditation, yoga etc.)?
Ans:  Walking and connecting with Nature is high on my list of responses.
Currently I’ve been reading a potpourri of genres and learning the practice
of meditation. 
Calm App 😊

5. Gratitude:  How often do you have some me time?
I prioritize what has to be done and each day am adamant about some
alone time. 


French Saying

aujourd’ hui, huit mars 
une battante toujours , vielle
nouvelle commencement

1.  This is my first attempt writing a Haiku in French.
2. The French language has accents and I need to check if I can add
another language to my laptop keyboard settings. 🙏🏻

3. I’m open to constructive criticism on the placement of words.
4. I’m fully aware a person not immersed in a country where a language is
spoken on a daily basis will over time forget learned grammatical rules.


Today the last day of the second month of the calendar year 2023 I
happily completed a series on National Days.

Halfway through the month I wanted to plain quit the series since
it took up valuable time I could’ve devoted elsewhere.

On second thought I chose to stick it out and complete the task on
hand, the second half of a selective day-to-day literary project.

Rarely throughout life did I ever consider myself a quitter at any
point. I dabbled in many crafts and gave each an honest effort prior
to admission ‘I didn’t like doing them’.

To date I continue to crochet, sew a bit here and there, create videos
for social media, tend to a few houseplants and blog or write poems.

Over the past few months, I’d noticed some strange happenings with
regards to my notetaking and cursive handwriting.
Words and letters legible to me when I wrote them appeared illegible
the following day.
I resorted to usage of a highlighter in hopes to make sense of the chaos.
Some of the time the neon-colored marker strategy worked; other times
it failed me.

At first, I dismissed the possibility of anything medically wrong and
chalked the distorted writing to me hurrying while writing, similar to
my busy mind filled constantly with intrusive thoughts.

Finally, after weeks of postponement I braved the courage and ran a
Google search figuring there would never be an answer for symptoms
I considered somewhat hideous.

Surprise, I was wrong and staring back in bold letters was the name of a
neurological condition Dysgraphia characterized by writing disabilities.

Of the symptoms of this learning disorder often first discovered in children
when first attempting to write specific to me were the following which now
need to be addressed:

1.  altered cursive writing and printing
2. ending letters of words missing
3. omission of words in sentences
4. difficulty remaining within the lines
5. differential in size of the letters
6. a firm hold on pen or pencil
7. difficulty writing in a straight line

And so my beautiful cursive handwriting which for years I was completed on
has become gibberish on paper a.k.a. mumbo-jumbo.

There is so much more information on Dysgraphia and I chose not to bore my

Beginning today I shall be taking an indefinite hiatus from Blogosphere to
continue pursuing my last goal in life.

National Tooth Fairy Day-Feb. 28th

Esther Watkins Arnold’s playlet ‘Tooth Fairy’ popularized the
fairy idea of this fictional character.

Both actual date of origin and name of establishing founder
of this holiday observed bi-annually on February 28th and
August 22nd are vanishing mysteries.

Back in the mid 1920s multiple fairies appeared in ads.
These advertisements were intended to educate children on
good dental hygiene and health habits.

Examples: ‘eat your veggies’, ‘brush your teeth’

The story of the tooth fairy lessens a child’s fear of losing a
wobbly tooth.

fictitious belief
story based five components
absolute fun myth
child tooth pillow sleep fairy
awake monetary gift

Today children receive between $3 to $4 per lost tooth.
If the tooth goes missing or parents forget, the tooth
increases in value.

May the happy legendary tale of the Tooth Fairy spinning 
wands of magic continue passed down from generation to

National Strawberry Day-Feb. 27

Strawberries aromatic and delicious are members of the rose family.

These sweet juicy berries found near everywhere in the world are the
only fruit that wears its seeds on the outside.

There are over 600 varieties of this delicious healthy fruit.

With zero fat and only 55 calories in 1 cup strawberries ‘oh so
sweet’ are a great snack.

Strawberries are an excellent source of Vitamin C, folic acid, potassium
and fiber.

The best time to pick them is on a cool cloudy day.

strawberry picking
fun time grand reward yum-yum
pail edible fruit
overfull no need to fret
known fact strawberries freeze well

An easy task:  remove the stems and seal in an airtight freezer-safe

Frozen strawberries are perfect for smoothies and countless cool beverages.

The perfect time to eat ‘strawberries’ is any time. 🙂🙂

The Sunday Whirl Wordle #594

Today’s words:  steal-joyous-garden-steam-fall-feet-space-creeping-free-locks-seems-stars

Annually the same old same old annoyances.
Those dang underground vines ‘hearty weeds’ invade the
allotted space reserved for floral growth in the old woman’s
quaint garden.
To her it seems the crowd of creeping crawlers pay nightly
visits to the mass floral border to steal life from all her delicate
She’s aware she’ll never truly be free from them.
Furious, the old woman lets down her lovely locks then proceeds to
let off steam.
A few feet away stands a friendly neighbor viewing the lovely night
sky filled with sparkling stars.
As she approaches him, he suddenly remembers how their last
conversation turned into a face-to-face altercation when the old
woman became a tad irate.
Best cut star-gazing short this evening and head indoors for fear the
old woman will lash out again directing her anger in the wrong direction.
His thoughts turn to:  ‘no thanks’, ‘no way’, ‘not in the mood’ to take the fall
for pesky groundcover.
Sad, her once joyous hobby now more of a task drove a wedge between two