Determination Is The Key

Usually being a beginner to the world of blogging, I bypass the daily prompts.

Today the suggested prompt word ‘harmonize’ sparked interest. It’s a word I’ve become used to hearing the past few months since resuming piano lessons two months ago.

Although away from the music instrumental world for a period of time, I returned with a passion fueled with desire to learn more and complete both of my Adult All-In-One Course Level 1 books.

Previously I had gone off course when I requested to learn certain artists’ tunes and of course I can’t forget those beautiful Christmas carols.

I chose without the instructor’s request to review the manual page by page starting with Page 1. This extra-curricular activity already paid off in the short term when this past week I mastered quite a difficult piece over a two-week period.

The instructor’s smile and input were a most heartwarming reward for all the effort I’d  put into self-discipline practice.

Harmony in piano is defined as playing notes together. It accompanies melody which is made up of notes played separately. I attained my goal to play both hands together in perfect harmony.

This senior citizen is quite pleased with herself and looking forward to the next challenge amidst the 30 pages shy of completion of that first level book.

In life one is never too old to learn.

February 27th – Polar Bear Day

Bear cubs play
Cold ice Artic days

Skillful acrobats
Beware human contact

Ne’er knew Polar bears largest land carnivore
Preference cuddlies stuffed found department store

Today feel out-of-sorts
Void of actual live-in cohort

Imperative send future son-in-law birthday greeting
Discover lots special days cards useful those love tweeting





The Monday Peeve No: 24

Today’s suggested topic: videos

As with most internet searches the problem can be an overabundance of choices.

It bothers me when I plug in a search for an instructional video and those offered

are spoken in a foreign language and translation unavailable.

If fortunate enough to actually find what I’m looking for I face dealing with

rate of speed thus need pause and replay video several times.

I can’t take notes that fast.

Take me back to days of instructional booklets – those I could highlight, 

reference back and no pestering request to pay for a subscription came while

reading them.

My own personal peeve this morn is pop-up ads – you know those which block 

the selected content which ‘you’ desired to read. These suckers come in all 

sizes too – at times a person needs a magnifying glass to find the ‘x’ to

click them off.

Oh, wait – look another ad pops up.

Small wonder people are over-stressed.

The Monday Peeve No: 24

Sunday Writing Prompt “Life Changing”

I think back to elementary school years and a special teacher who took interest in

me and my home life situation. 

By today’s standards I definitely grew up in a dysfunctional family. 

This teacher graduated with me each year as she moved up to teach the next grade.

On Saturdays she held French classes in her home and I was able to attend free of

charge – yes, the poor of the parish with hand-me-down clothes, a father who 

drank away his weekly paycheck leaving only enough money for bare necessities  

and a mother who people referred to as different. 

Years later after graduation from high school I included this teacher on my 

wedding invitation list. 

She did attend the church ceremony; however she passed on the afternoon


For years each Christmas she sent me a beautiful card – inclusive were 

words of encouragement.

I presume she saw in me what I didn’t see within myself – power to succeed

and from best I can recall she wrote ‘never give up on your dreams no matter

your age’.

I managed to accomplish quite a bit within my life amid personal struggles.

In the early 70s while in conversation with the primary builder of my 

marital home I mentioned a dream goal I’d hope to attain in the future.

The man’s response was nearly the same wording as my favorite teacher

from elementary school. 

Sadly dreams don’t always come true; however, I learned to substitute and 

be thankful for that which I was able to accomplish. 

The alternative for my craft shop was a stay-at-home sewing venture that

supplemented my fixed income.

From 10:00 a.m. through 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. I’d sew dancewear and 

custom made-to-order outfits. 

The hand-made items were sold to people I knew, online and at my 

hometown’s yearly craft fair.

In year 2017 totally retired from crunching numbers and sewing for $$ I started

blogging more and during the past few years made some nice virtual friends.

Sitting at the kitchen table this morn eating breakfast I reflected on a few of the

morning reads.

At my age I’m not certain if I wish to continue blogging in hopes of publishing a

book before the Lord calls me home.

Perhaps blogging and being able to place the word ‘writer’ following my name is

as close to being an author that’s in God’s plans. 

It’s not that I’m giving up 100 percent – more like I need to do what makes

me happy.

Thus I have thought of returning to my love of crafts in hopes of earning a

few extra bucks.

Sunday Writing Prompt “Life Changing”





Light Bulb Moment

Smorgasbord reads

Diversification topics
Majority chock full positivity

Working betwixt laptop and cell phone
Personal perception time passed unknown

Felt tad guilty when checked clock
Retired do whatever wish mental block

Hours 12:00 a.m. thru 6:00 a.m.
Minutes slowly pass snail’s pace
Daylight hours clock revs up Nascar race

Fresh smell the roses persona attitude
Free to face world’s daily trite platitudes

Desire ne’er become stick-in-the-mud
Tulip blooms abundance thankfulness squad

In response to:

FOWC – epiphany 

Light Bulb Moment

RDP – perception

Light Bulb Moment

Three Things Challenge – tulip – free – mud

Light Bulb Moment






SoCS – February 22nd 2020

Today’s prompt: animal sounds

This morn I accessed Facebook to find ‘surprise choice’ create a new look.

When I clicked to view info in my hometown group I was flabbergasted at

pics one resident took of a coyote ‘too close for comfort’ and so I read ALL

the comments.

It seems there’s been an increase in coyote sightings in the historic district.

Lovely, besides squirrels, skunks wandering through the park that borders

my apartment complex – a new concern worry about coyotes – dare I walk

to the library or post office.

Irk! Irk!

Coyote in Hometown (2)

No thanks to usual daily walk thru center of town and down the bike path.

It seems coyotes are NOT nocturnal and town residents have been asked

to refrain from calling for assistance unless the coyote appears aggressive.


For twenty-five years I lived in the countryside amidst pine trees and forest

animals. I wonder why never once did I see a coyote which resembles a wolf.

An internet search on coyote sounds found:

  • Bark
  • Howl
  • Huff
  • Wimper
  • Whines
  • Yelps
  • Yipps

I came to the conclusion: safer to drive to all destinations – access the gym for


Perhaps time for sign:

coyote alert (2)

SoCS – February 22nd 2020



Decision – Speak Up or Remain Silent

I like to think of myself as a member of the forever learning process reading club thru

personal choice book selections, magazines, newspapers and bloggers’ posts.

Those bloggers with whom I interact daily or weekly know the true definition

of friendship.

When two people (even virtual ones) put in similar amounts of effort a friendship will

begin to flourish. 

“To have a friend one must be a friend, a sincere one.”

This week I searched for ‘The Monday Peeve’ to no avail.

Either the prompt page wasn’t offered or I missed it thanks to my laptop’s 

newfound habit of screen broad-jumping in reverse.

Thus no Peevery post from me – maybe next week.

Over the weekend I’d read a post which made my blood boil. 

I couldn’t fathom how the writer chose the analogy – comparison of apples to  

oranges was my initial thought.

People read the post and commented positively yet IMO to compare a serious 

worldwide health issue to a college exam didn’t sit well with me.

Yepp, everyone is entitled to their opinion and I won’t always understand nor agree

with them.

I refrained from commenting since not a student debating in Ethics class.  I did

wish there was a dislike button to click though. 

I digress.

Today, TGIF,  I met with a bit of  disappointment. I wanted to participate in a fun

weekly prompt only to do so would require research in order to stretch the truth.

Moving on . . .

Next on the agenda of complaints was  a well-written post on an important topic

in today’s society.

The content left me dumbfounded – an out-of-sorts study fizzled to near failure.

I suppose there was ‘something’ to learn or gain from this what I consider an

exercise in poor taste.

The thought crossed my mind as to who pays for these studies?

Answer: likely the taxpayers.

Last to address was an actual question to self if better to bypass or disagree.

I chose to bypass.

There used to be a statement dating back to Medieval times  – a bit like a question 

written within marriage vows which in more recent times has been eliminated

unless a couple requests the preacher place it therein.

“Speak now or forever hold your peace.”

I digress.

A Proverbial saying: “Speech is silver. Silence is golden.”