The Reset Button

Writer’s Block temporarily took hold on me shattering my thoughts and slamming the huge encyclopedia of vocabulary words I faithfully update on a daily basis.

Periodically topics of interest walked thru my mind then quickly disappeared similar to the setting sun following a beautiful day.

Typing more than a few sentences seemed more like a chore versus the interesting, educational fun associated with blogosphere.

I realized if this pattern continued my forever garden would soon be filled with spent wilted flowers – drought of blogs via procrastination.

A short conversation with two members of the Lovely Ladies group following our weekly Friday morning meeting left me with numerous positive thoughts.

Although my chosen outfit of the day was adorned with flowers and bling a choice of sad emoji faces – character fabric print filled with upside down smiles and tears would have been more appropriate and in sync with my mood and feelings.

A reformed people pleaser and still somewhat of a perfectionist I shall not quit rather  strive forward. I am a survivor.

This afternoon I looked up from my computer screen and viewed the large collage I created earlier in 2017 for my weight loss journey. Mirrored back at me was the large red 5 inch button which reads ‘Reset – Use As Necessary’.

It appears all I needed was this small message to ignite the desire to write random thoughts.

Back to Blogging!









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