The Road of Empty Prayer

Friendship can turn into love; however love back to friendship usually never. The hopeless romantic held out hope though.

All these cordial messages since the breakup are a manner of creative destruction following a period of inner peacefulness.

I could’ve defended your accusation of being ‘demanding’ only I chose not to play the drama card. No, I was the giver and you were the taker.

Life holds no promises. The words ‘perhaps’ and ‘maybe’ usually are a nice way of saying ‘I don’t think so’.

It appears the bargaining stage of grief came back to haunt me. I don’t want to be adrift  again hoping you’ll have a change of heart. I opt for steadfastness.

Quite by surprise along came the signs I needed to keep me afloat – a pink bow and an anchor.

In a hurry one morning this week  I ironed a new gray V-neck top and overlooked the cute pink bow and anchor.

A gal curious by nature, I researched both on the internet for their significance. I was surprised by what I read.

The color pink represents charm, compassion, nurturing, romance and unconditional love. Those were all inclusive in my love for you.

An anchor is a symbol of both hope and steadfastness defined as here is where I stand and these are rules I govern by within my life.

Realization now is I need to remove you from all phases of social media.  For a woman who is far from a quitter this is one of the saddest thoughts.

Truth is no amount of hope can fill my empty prayer of together again. It’s time for a new adventure, a new journey and hopefully a man who loves me unconditionally.



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