Favorable Haze

Befuddled by the constant daily slew of life quotes and inspirational quotes scrolling through my social media sites I wonder if selective memory would be beneficial versus remembrance of actual facts.

During the last two decades following my half-century birthday a tower of heartaches by the number forced me to deal with much unpleasantness yet somehow I managed to remain gutsy marked by courage and determination.

Why am I feeling blue when the sun is shining outside my window? Several reasons come to mind only a lesson learned the hard way was how little others truly care rather wish to hear details of another’s woes.

As a gal who loves to learn, I usually take away some newfound knowledge each day from numerous sources and yesterday was no different for me. Small tidbits of chit-chat with my piano teacher during my lesson were quite enlightening. One topic that peaked my interest was with regard to memory and loss thereof.

While making reference to her own father she shared some thoughts about Dementia, the gradual decrease in the ability to think and remember plus how daily routines can be a contributing factor.

Faced with flying solo late in life is far from fun; however I do my best to remain active by frequenting the local area senior centers, signing up for classes and making lots of new acquaintances.

Challenges ahead for me this week on the keyboard as homework are to change fingers to replay the same note and practice of a tune which contains syncopated notes, notes played between the main beats of the measures and held across the beat.

All the above activities should keep in ‘thinking’ mode and as far away from the 3% of the population in my age bracket who fall victim to hazy daily functioning.

Let me relax with a cup of tea, my designer series “Time For Tea” coloring book and Cra-Z-Art box of 12 bright vivid colored pencils all purchased at The Dollar Store.


via Daily Prompt: Foggy

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