Numbers Rule

Numbers, numbers everywhere
I ask myself why do I care
Build your own garden
Plant your own flowers
Create your own happiness
Sum total equals number 'one'
A mistress of perfection
Uncanny need to follow directions
The dominant trait of favorite number seven
Surrounded by numerical figures in different forms
List of typed notes in place
Yesterday's task to blog failed to show its' face
The random thoughts rampage entered and departed
Past, present and future - infinity of time
This former accountant needed Feng shui of mind
Last chapter of life I write, write and write 
Hoping to find my niche wondering what's left to savor
As my adult calculator counts down time far from within favor
Thought process in progress be it poetry or non-fiction
Continuance to strive searching, seeking direction
Self-uniqueness counts for me, myself and I
Moving forward grand total 'one' in today's world of numeric signification.