Mailroom Hoarder

Amazed by the incoming messages count I found this morn I wonder if my mailroom assistant is a hoarder. It’s hard to fathom how a few daily e-messages became stockpiled over a short period, many bypassed and stored to read at a later date.

Her process via selection of importance created a huge task ahead for me. Why didn’t she delete them? It’s obvious to me she foolishly thought she or I would return later and actually read this stuff.

Similar to snail mail it’s necessary to put out the undesirable in the trash in a timely manner. You discard the unwanted into the waste basket technically known as the recycle bin and watch it balloon then press empty.

Numerous free subscriptions truly are worthwhile reads. An important notification from one sender alerted me to the fact previously sent articles never opened questioned interest and possible termination of sends to follow shortly.

A tidbit of technology unknown to me –  a different method to rid oneself of agreed upon freebies placed on a whim.

Curious me scrolled backwards in time to find this particular concerned sender’s name and topics formerly e-mailed to me. I clicked on a few finding them quite interesting hence keeping me on the mailing list. I’m now considered a faithful reader.

Today’s sent message ‘stomach bloat’ peaked my interest. Once opened I found an educational slideshow, all pictures from documented sources and a wealth of information.

Healthy habits can be quite a challenge to maintain and on occasion new knowledge informs us of those few habits from which to refrain.

Many people think a protruding tummy is caused by consuming the wrong foods as the bold-printed heading I read on one slide “Keep Your Mouth Shut” could unintentionally convey to any reader at first sight.

Interesting reference later was made to how both chewing gum and sucking on a straw can create excessive gas which ‘yes’ causes the inflation.

As I return to the snail’s pace task my assistant created for me I intend to scroll through pages of mail carefully then follow with an intervention and request she refrain from future similar practice unless she wishes to wear the new title, the mailroom hoarder rather than mailroom assistant.