Eye Candy

Always new vocabulary or slang words for the baby boomers to learn and become familiar with in usage.

Social media requests from younger women, friends of friends, to send some ‘eye candy’ to their sites is stirring a fuss.

A little naïve due to age I admit I’ve no clue what these women are making reference to and where does one find this so-called candy to send to them.

I think a bit and wonder if these requests pertain to brands and varieties of chocolates or perhaps nostalgic penny candy from the 50s and 60s.

To satisfy curiosity I click on one gal’s site and what a surprise I find as scrolling down there’s pic after pic of nice looking ripped men with six-pack abs.  Gosh these guys certainly spent lots of hours at the gym and plenty of time soaking up the sun.

No interest to me and no pic to share I choose to see if this vocabulary word is connected to other nouns with descriptive adjectives other than sexy.

A definition by dictionary hyperlinks is officially in progress. I click. I read. I persevere.  Several tries later a smile adorns my face. I’m satisfied with the word meanings I found.

1. Aesthetically pleasing to the senses can be related to basically anything you can view with the human eye.

2. Although you may not have an interest in a particular person or item, you can still accept it as a piece of art in a tasteful way.

I scan a short list of items relative to today’s topic.

Nail art, decorations, contact lenses and fishing lures to name a few then ‘hello’ flashy cars which caused me to think. I remembered the Volkswagen Beetle Bug that captured my eye one afternoon in the supermarket parking lot.

Its’ exterior two-toned metallic paint captured my eye and hurriedly I removed my cell phone from my purse to snap a few pics before the owner arrived to drive this cutie out of sight.

Deciphering the code message has opened up a whole new world of ‘eye candy’ to me.