UFOs – Unfinished Objects

No unidentified flying objects reside here rather several unfinished objects – crochet projects.

For fun I changed the acronym from WIPs (works in progress) one I normally use when making reference to incomplete projects to UFOs (unfinished objects) for a little muse.

Current count of unfinished crocheted afghans in different stages is 1, 2 and 3.

A quick peek and some measuring behind me, I’m faced now with the process of selection; which of the three unfinished objects captures today’s desire for creativity.

Different stitches and counts of rows comprise the determined dimensions of each of the throws.

Will I choose to work on the easiest ‘Crafty Flamingo’ six inches shy of the finishing line or tackle the intermediate wrap that lags far behind. Decisions. Decisions.

I think I shall put aside ‘The Temperature Throw’ with its colorful pattern lineup based on daily temperatures and no real pattern to follow as I continue to use up many near empty skeins of yarn.

The ‘Peppermint Wrapper’, a Yuletide throw pattern, had a suggested stripe sequence of main color white and contrast color red which resembles peppermint candies.

I chose my own color theme replacing the suggested white rows with lacy hot pink rows made up of double crochets and V-stitches alternating with bands of white V-stitches rather than red ones.

Yes, I’ve seen peppermint candies in that color combination. And now my stomach is signaling me it’s time for some lunch. Thinking process at a halt and chosen winner is  ‘Peppermint Wrapper’.

Rain in the forecast for the remainder of the day makes for a perfect afternoon to increase rows in the winning UFO.


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