Walking Favorite Exercise

It's Sunday, it's fun-day, it's 80 degrees
A smile placed on my face and sunshine I embrace 
My unisex choice of aerobics charges no fees
Comfortable sneakers and water bottle in place
Music turned on soon I'll pick up the pace
Daily walking routine officially in progress 
Zigzag pattern thru historic district streets
Turn east, turn west, turn north and south
Soon to access portion of flat-surfaced bike path
Where often bikers wearing protective head gear 
Shout out warning signals as they pass near 
Missing today roller skaters with fashionable helmets
And dog walkers carrying plastic poop bags 
In midst of my interval walking activity
Intersections appear thus require me to stop
Yes, I obey all traffic signs and directions 
Continue down the path and back thru the streets
Ultimate boredom left behind I did defeat
Replaced with healthy benefits known to mankind
The flowers, green grass, sunshine and fresh air
Great outdoors I liken to heaven around somewhere
Back home sweating beads a shower awaits me
Oh, did I mention my age 'seventy'?