Honoring a Request

Fun surprises, welcome requests
Fear of unknown overcome pass test
Idea presented certain seem easy
Sew several sizes dance shorts stomach queasy

Behind me years sewing experience
Rarely alone tackled fabric selection foreign
Combo percentage polyester 'n spandex silence
Welcome today's world sew stretch fabric reign 

Months ahead production colorful stretchie
Sparkling dance shorts quite the eye-catchie
Incoming special orders taken waiting on hold
Pair after pair different sizes craft fairs sold

Turn on laptop - click on favorite purchase site
Time selection stretch fabric 2 or 4-way type 
Few days later order delivered right to door
Grateful seamstress impossible ask convenience more

Finally tired of considered mundane daily routine
Shut down production - sewed last seam
Learned stretch fabric work quite easy-peasy
Leftover assortment remnants internet sale easy

For now on vacation from this vocation
Await replenish fabric stash in time 
Ahead sewing at fairly new location
Fulfilled dream find be ultimate sublime. 


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