Chock-a-block Bust

Selected pic
Rotated 'n cropped
Sudden head jam hit
Filled to capacity foundation 'favorites'

Descriptive writing vivid pic creation
Comparison painting with words
Art skill uncertain master formulation
Dryer timer dings concentration blurred

Return computer station observation 
Research topics list sudden aggravation
Notes appearance nowhere lost 'n found absurd
Possible end Monday motivation narration

Writing accomplished best void distractions
Save 'all' favorites prior necessary stoppage
Salvation blood boil twenty minutes meditation
Mind 'n body now in sync writing time progress

Yes, disappointed intended post publication fail
Multi-task for young good preference lesson learn  
Opportunity comprise brand new 'fav' list prevail
Relax! Thankful no deadline employment concerns.

© 2017 June Quintin


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