Old Empty Chair

I look
I view
I stare
An old empty chair

Remember solitaire
Once living room spare
Piles clean laundry there
Placed on old empty chair

Loaded on moving truck
Fit small apartment luck
Few chosen friends' derrieres
Allowed sit on old empty chair

Chair cushion unoccupied bare
Perplexed 'til adorn barren square
Folded hand-sewn quilt fashion flair
Accomplish beautification old empty chair

Birthday surprise stuffed chocolate brown bear
Arrange comfort pinpoint seat gifted somewhere
Newcomer Brumbrum's watchful eyes cold stares
Couple unaware observer sitting in old empty chair 

Bear adorned cute graphic-designed onesie
Daily chats listens buddie participant funsies
Happiness turn sadness relationship turmoil flare
Brumbrum's residence uncertain now old empty chair

Countless days 'n nights slowly pass by
Reconciliation n'er occasional tear-filled eyes
Remembrance ultimate breakup utmost rough 
Decision bear removal old empty chair tough

Place bestie bear inside huge box one morn
Drove community center amidst feelings forlorn
Offered up Brumbrum indoor yard sale a scare
Quick grab 'n snatch purchase again old empty chair 

Saturday shopping spree whim take-care
Grim search replace adorable dark brown bear
Surprise find blinds open sunshine glare
Minnie Mouse new occupant old empty chair.

© 2018 June Quintin


Important To Be Patient

Feeling downhearted characteristics Cinderella
Arrival residence prior midnight void special fella

New age dating process both tiresome 'n problematic
Actual commitment suggest phobia phone sudden static

Surrounded painted walls familiar closed in feelings
Busyness throughout days await cell's notation rings

Certain negative hot pursuit one's hard-earned assets
Preference quality time shared available preset tactics

Doubtful be genuine unique today's world actual works
Opposite sex appears via own description bit berserk

Listen stories prospective potential partners tell
Dishonesty gut instinct grave importance heed call

Smoke or drink excess frown deal breakers first
Conversation topics morbid or ailments auto-burst

Liar, liar pants on fire no doubt leave true blue
Lie me once not about dumb enough again believe you

Dismiss consideration e'er acceptance delusional
Remain single status actual versus settle bamboozle

Steadfast self-reliant woman prevail await knight
Chivalrous still going strong rescuer be Mr. Right. 

© 2018 June Quintin


Write post actual
Yes, quite factual

Necessary rephrase
Life's Golden years phase

Friendships two types
Besties versus fake hypes

Like me - love me - welcome fine
Otherwise fast forward disloyal line

Ms. Goodie-two Shoes' wondrous award
Survive hell hole void family rewards

Darkness of light quiet intend remain
Peaceful participant de-stress reframe

Saying 'Good-bye' to all deem fake
Prayers continue Lord more morns awake.

© 2018 June Quintin

Tournament Time

Competition begun
Best man certain won

Largest pound hope snatch
Exceed last year's record catch

Staunch 5' 9" fisherman bass
April-ready seasonal earn sum cash

Man's pro sport majority
Female influx still minority

2:21 a.m. messenger ding
Prepping journey GPS ping

Boaters emerge ramp 6:00 a.m.
Launch 6:30 a.m. position drawn

Hopeful gray clouds not obscure sun
Desire bass fishers enjoy Sunday's marathon.

© 2018 June Quintin

Dating Epiphany

Thoughts per day
Range 50 to 70K

Mathematical equation
Constant mind invasion

Topic of despair
Catastrophic affair

Sudden thoughts
Reason distraught

Dating guidelines
Interesting finds

Red flags pop
Conversational flops

Intuitive perception
Nit-pickity selection

Two strangers together
Possible couple forever

Thinkin' back
Third date hacked

Understand refuse
Pre-bamboozle confuse

Busyness boss
Relationship loss

Portrayal post design
Sudden irksome remind

Time precious - move on
Chase feelings forlorn 

Back to window shop tactics
Follow face-to-face contacts

Resume loving partner search
Three dates maximum research.

© 2018 June Quintin

Water Challenge

Senior citizen ladies weekly meetup
Twenty plus usual attendance show up

Last week fun competition begun
Record water intake days 7-6-5-4-3-2-1

Remembrance college days professor assigns
Panic scramble finish thanks favorite past-times 

Contest results several lovelies receive check plus
Others sheer forget record H2o consumption reasons discuss

Winners patiently await receive earned healthy prize
Shocker leader apologize forgot trinkets home surprise

Ladies totally okay wait until meeting next week
Important not forget bring record while suspense keep

Interesting discovery popped up water game play
Near gallon some senior ladies drink most days

Norm same brand available buy week after week
Bottle size distinguish purpose use gals seek

Water known be key ingredient human survival
Cases purchase travel market to home essential.

© 2018 June Quintin

Smoke is Smoke

Winter weather windows close
Outdoor temps 22 degrees snow

About prep nighttime snack
Sudden overcome P.U. stench attack

Permeate kitchen scare repel
Light Mango Coconut scented candle 

Eventually skunk odor pass
Return whiff day later harass

Stand checkout line local store
Clerks conversation learn lots more

Continuous skunk aromatic occurrence
Blame actual non-surprise inference

Appears everywhere people smoke dope
Recreational or medicinal access hope

Lifetime cautious refrain habit smoke
Presently bothersome constant Cannabis stoke

Today's pot way strong compare 20 years ago
Long term usage lead brain damage study shows

Second-hand smoke inhale cigarette or Cannabis
Sad envision future non-smokers be health hazardous.

© 2018 June Quintin

Hello Vacation!

Daily grind
Crucial kind

Survival dependence
Visible attendance

Refrain berserk
Tedious work

Feign sick
Out-of-date trick

Personal request
Best interest 

Expectations reflect
Schedule conflict

Bass fish
Grant wish

Return whenever
Paycheck forever.

© 2018 June Quintin

Weekly Mundane Chore

Ready wash 'n dry clothes time
Total surprise senior citizen find

Sign taped closed laundry room door
Machines temporarily out of order

Necessary supply personal clothes rather low
Questionable wait fix versus laundromat although

Freedom several decades ago utilize second option
Ahead unknown adventure await older woman certain

Quantity gathered necessities place in car drove
Minutes away self 'n very own sack dirty clothes

Laundromat full regular size to enormous machines
Discover pre-filled cards replace former quarter queen

Constant daily unexpected changes world require learn
Rules in place love challenge senior citizen's concern

Laundry time inconvenience reference suspense
Turnaround actual favorable sequential experience 

Cost factor bit more expense true furthermore okay
Timespan cut in half savior precious hours wash day.

© 2018 June Quintin