Old Empty Chair

I look
I view
I stare
An old empty chair

Remember solitaire
Once living room spare
Piles clean laundry there
Placed on old empty chair

Loaded on moving truck
Fit small apartment luck
Few chosen friends' derrieres
Allowed sit on old empty chair

Chair cushion unoccupied bare
Perplexed 'til adorn barren square
Folded hand-sewn quilt fashion flair
Accomplish beautification old empty chair

Birthday surprise stuffed chocolate brown bear
Arrange comfort pinpoint seat gifted somewhere
Newcomer Brumbrum's watchful eyes cold stares
Couple unaware observer sitting in old empty chair 

Bear adorned cute graphic-designed onesie
Daily chats listens buddie participant funsies
Happiness turn sadness relationship turmoil flare
Brumbrum's residence uncertain now old empty chair

Countless days 'n nights slowly pass by
Reconciliation n'er occasional tear-filled eyes
Remembrance ultimate breakup utmost rough 
Decision bear removal old empty chair tough

Place bestie bear inside huge box one morn
Drove community center amidst feelings forlorn
Offered up Brumbrum indoor yard sale a scare
Quick grab 'n snatch purchase again old empty chair 

Saturday shopping spree whim take-care
Grim search replace adorable dark brown bear
Surprise find blinds open sunshine glare
Minnie Mouse new occupant old empty chair.

© 2018 June Quintin


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