Fresh Start Ahead

Patience reveal
Life's state upheaval

Never thought again
Tiresome diet regime

Fragmented heart torn apart
Darkness night ice cream sought

Weight loss forward transformation
Unfortunate land backwards direction 

Process accomplish feat on own
Partner sad resident Heaven zone

Morphed into magma sound good idea
Research reveal facts non-comply here

Tallow wax compose animal fat
Process render useless human phat

Combo exercise 'n healthy diet summation
Caloric deficit individual slow transformation

Unique one-of-a-kind genuine creation
Think long overdue take sweets vacation

Poetry appear months be extreme good therapy
Question now right venue last chapter life me

Window shop online fabric site early morn
Closet fabric stash wish seamstress re-born

Smile appearance older woman's face
Shopping expedition ahead 'bout embrace

First imperative type 'n send today's prompt post
Hope technology allow connect fellow blogger host

Unimaginable be times when 'how to' appear quite easy
Follow try after try disallow action taken easy-peasie.

© 2018 June Quintin