Good Ole Days

Hard break
Mornin' bless
Mornin' mistake

Segmented sleep pattern
Awaken late morn
Oh No! 
Face hustle paper storm

Sign in
Sign out
Mailroom full bin
Scribble topic bout

Flit here
Flit there
Record time appear
Halfway cross hemisphere

Daily dictionary word 'n idiom
Interest topics A-Z follow them
Today interest classify history
Read 'n learn Coca-Cola mystery

Year 1886
Soda fountains popular US
Carbonated water good health belief
Research late 19th century thru current date

Interesting read 'bout medicine patent 
American pharmacist John Pemberton invent
Two original ingredients amidst his formula 
Name reference Coca leaves plus nuts Kola

After school hangouts 'n cold soda fountain drinks
Mixture flavored syrup and Coca-Cola memories think
Today's idiom state "never a rose without a/the prick"
Good ole days unknown exist aging be like unpleasant trick. 

© 2018 June Quintin