Hello! Self-awareness

It’s a holiday here in my locale.

Of course Mother Nature decided to send rain accompanied by rumbling thunder and occasional bolts of lightning to scare we humans a bit and ruin our outdoor plans.

I reminisce as I sit in front of my computer screen.

Suddenly out of the blue a few months ago I started to lack desire for my hobby thus no posts were submitted and my blog calendar pages show no markings.

I still wrote though whenever the mood struck. Lots of gabble that could be good copy sits and waits. Question to self: “For what?”

November’s one third of the writing challenge is printed out since learning a lesson about computers’ bad behavioral patterns and loss of ability to print out certain submissions.

Perhaps I found meeting the demands of daily word count to be an interference with daily activities and real-life socialization. After all, it’s me, myself and I during this last chapter of life where Golden years sadly turned to gray clouds overhead.

In the interim of my disappearance I gained a few ‘organic’ followers (unbelievable) and lost a few (expected).

It’s imperative I devise a new plan since organization is key to success. I can already hear the sounds of the paper shredder. I dislike clutter in my workspace.

So for now I shall promise myself to do better and keep with the postings and readings.

Thanks to all who made the journey enjoyable and ‘hello’ to newbies from around the world.

Your friend!






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