Choices – Chances – Changes

Mornin' dismay bathroom scale 
Show higher reading refrain wail

Previous purchase new batteries
Continuous messages 'O' - Err thy see

Weekly tenths of pounds slowly crept
Irresponsible diet decisions inept 

Combined slack off exercise regimen
Thanks holidays birthdays celebrations

Likelihood vital order new bathroom scale
Get back on track unless wish total fail

Weeks determination - a work in progress 
Rethink importance achieve final goal success. 

© 2019 June Quintin




Mental Health: Acrostic Poem

M isunderstood illnesses show
E arly warning signs sadly
N eglected way too often although
T reatable with professional diagnosis
A cceptance reality by patient necessary
L ife's quality limitations become non-existence

H elpful individual follows plan treatment
E ccentric behavioral patterns soon disappear
A nxiety attacks chronic and acute no longer fear 
L imited socialization trade-off new acquaintances
T rust issues previous replacement be green light 
H appiness emotional restoration patients' facial glow.

© 2019 June Quintin