Writing Prompt ~ Bold and Billowy

A blog
A place to vent
Archived or current events

Gray cloud 
Grows overhead
Goodness knows what lies ahead

All e'er desire
Acknowledgement job well done
Achievement awards show wall hung

Infuriated thanks humanity
Inappropriate topics show high reads score 
Incredible informative articles appear often ignored

Nouns descriptive adjectives mind form
Ne'er indulge drama anywhere social media
Nor divulge private info networks digital literacy. 

~ JAQ 

August Writing Prompts


Friend zone five years
Shared dates problems fears
Christmas time helped find display
Place on my oldest daughter's grave
Luncheon follow then the unexpected
Informed me 'bout your new love interest
Mixed feelings as wished you well
Realization future void messages phone calls
Spot on with regard personal gut feelings
Since home-cooked meals 'n intimacy to table she bring
Refrain apologize I be who I am ne'er compete 
Distance view happiness - our 'meantime' relationship complete.

© 2019 June Quintin