Dear . . .

A memory lane story:

Sipping coffee a friend sat opposite me at my kitchen table.
Reason for her visit was potential sale set of encyclopedias.
An expensive purchase void spouse consult near found me amid divorce.

During my friend's visit we chatted 'bout lots of topics. 
There is one statement she made 30 years ago and no idea reason.
She said, "There is a fine line one crosses from sanity to insanity."

Lots of negatives happened since then - who would believe if I tell?
Lesson learned thru years is 'few' truly care.
It's my destiny and all future decisions and endeavors mine to make.

I miss the old me * the fun me * the gal open to opportunities.
If I continue to hold onto the sordid past they win and I lose.
The road to WELLNESS leaves me the task of burying the past forever.
New Beginnings!!
acceptance of what was - it's so over - year passed (2)




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