Response to Question: ‘How Much Control Do You Have Over Your Life’

This week’s question opens up avenues with a multitude of answers – a book worth reading if there’s one already published (have to check on that). 

After careful thought and memory lane notes I believe the answer would be: MINIMAL.

Certainly ‘ancestry’ plays a huge part via good genes, good health and determination of wealth. 

Numerous other factors play into one’s life and the outcome of a person’s success or failure.

To feel loved is a wonderful blessing which normally results in one’s high self-esteem and good outcomes throughout life.

True to some extent we are allowed to make choices – some good – some detrimental based on knowledge and situations.  

Perhaps one (we) can chalk up success and happiness to plain ‘Good Luck’ since so often we are told not to indulge in comparison.

There are so many ‘why’ questions and ‘few’ or ‘no’ answers.

Overall the majority of us are born into loving hands, share lots of in-between which is a gift and if fortunate die surrounded by loved ones.

In my opinion the summary of one’s life likely is pre-determined by a higher power – a MYSTERY. 

Fandango’s Provocative Question #40




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