Thoughts on IMO a Literary Smorgasbord

Sudden start of my good faith blogging journey dismay:

Morning reader overflowing with prompts not a real problem since I pick and choose from them. 

Those special awards to same favorites – yes = bothersome. 

My follower count now at ‘304’ are all organic – earned them – didn’t purchase any. 

If each person who liked a post of mine the past two years had selected to follow me the count would have been in the thousands.

I try hard not to be a perfectionist – Type A personality. 

What I find a bit disappointing is what I consider to be a  clique – those who somehow
share comments with certain bloggers while a like or a Thank you is sufficient for others. 

I understand we reside in a busy world – a world where technology seems to have created more work (especially paperwork) rather than less. 

As I read numerous blogs I’ve noticed many writers who submit articles are married or young adults with less responsibilities.

No idea if anyone who reads this has ever felt nauseous at the sight of another post
from the same person. I sure wish I was typing this on the cell phone – could use the
proper emoji for that feeling.

A surprise to me is when I read interesting well-written posts by bloggers with only a handful of  followers, few or no likes and void of comments. I take a few moments of precious time to leave a nice comment and in return I’ve received some beautiful replies.

At this time I’m a bit uncertain of what lies ahead for my future in blogosphere.

I won’t apologize for my persona – a fairly private person who pens her pain thru
poems while leaving out the sordid details. 

If I disappear for a period of time (on hiatus) I’ll be catching up on my reading
and craft projects.

Although I enjoy writing I’m finding perhaps it comes with a price I can’t afford to pay.

Sad to admit: “This one person in charge of everything has become a wee bit tired of late.” 

Wow! I think I just wrote my first ever vent with regard to blogging. 







4 thoughts on “Thoughts on IMO a Literary Smorgasbord

    1. Hello fellow blogger . . . I re-read my post from near year ago. It was a mere observation put into words. Although I’ve made some really nice friends on here and interact with them on a regular basis there are always those who outshine via favoritism. I feel bad for those who write good posts (content and grammar-correct) and receive little recognition. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment your thoughts. 🙂

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