FOWC: Wishful

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Wishful thinking French language
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1. Je veux bruler ma vie.
    I want to burn my life.

2. Je veux vivre et aimer a la folie.
I want to live and love to madness.

3. Je veux vivre….!!!
    I want to live….!!!

4. Je veux des reves.
    I want dreams.

5. Je veux des souvenirs.
    I want memories.

6. Je veux vivre a mourir d’amour.
    I want to live to die of love.

A l’aube de nos vies = At the dawn of our lives.

Wishful thinking is a ‘good’ thing. It often gets a bad rap from those who confuse
it with make believe.

FOWC with Fandango — Wishful