The Monday Peeve: #7

Good Mornin’ 

Time for a vent – a rant w/o rave.

Short and sweet (oh, that’s me) irked by mandatory cumulative software updates.

Totally not in favor of guides and manuals inclusive on apps – preference for 

printed copies.

Endless hours spent yesterday trying to locate and maneuver stuff and ready to pull the

plug on the computer – quits.

All I wanted to do was share a video and each try failed so finally I chose a different


This morn (interesting) I typed in the URL and voila – it worked – a mere iota of

frustration overload – who knows. 

After all it’s only Monday and one cup of tea thus far for mmmmeeee and 

feelings lurk within:

My wishin’ to become a rebel. 

C-ya next Monday!!






Song Lyric Sunday: Lost

Today’s theme:  lost/found/hide/seek

Details can be found:

I chose Blake Shelton’s hit “Came Here to Forget” – 2016

Song Lyric Sunday: Lost

At a later date I shall type out the lyrics since dealing with YouTube has been trial and error on a dismal rainy Sunday.

I love my country music and originally chose a Canadian country western artist’s tune. Unfortunate for me ‘little’ wanted to work to allow the song to be played on this site. 

The ocean for me was a very comforting place following a major breakup – period I found myself lost at times. 

Today in the aftermath of the pain (who can forget history) I’m quite a bit wiser having learned some harsh lessons. 

It appears ‘seenagers’ of today’s dating world enjoy the game of hide ‘n seek. Topic for another post. Chuckle! Chuckle! – The ghost and the haunted (actual TV series in US).


Since not a gal who gives up w/o a battle I decided one last try at my original choice of the
Canadian country western artist’s lyric site of tune “Lost”. 

Song Lyric Sunday: Lost







Three Things Challenge: #42

alarm - haunting - shock

Found true best friend
Whenever down could depend
Treated me utmost respect
Relationship betwixt platonic
Whene'er visited cemetery
Daughter's grave check for me
Coffee dates - delicious meals
Shopping trips scenic drives automobile
Finally found long-awaited red-hair love
A shock prior holidays admission thereof
Future ahead no person can foretell
Change dynamics wished him well
Received the occasional phone call
Friends check on friends after all
Near month hadn't heard from him
Last night dinner time news grim
Updated me past month's events
Doubtful pain ahead can prevent
Closing conversation remarks
Haunting words journey embark.

Three Things Challenge: #42


Monday Peeve 6

With so much to be thankful for one often feels a bit guilty about anger – especially when another has problems much greater. 

Updates on both the laptop and cell phone overnight rearranged files, documents, pics etc. 

Irk! A morning wasted trying to fix ‘what I didn’t break’ – a mess I didn’t create.

I feel violated after all it took me months to organize my personal information.

Since I’m far from a computer geek, I needed some assistance. Help!

No longer do humans chat face-to-face; it’s all about menu boxes to read on computer screens and numbers to press on cell phones.

I want to talk to a real LIVE human. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. It doesn’t happen!!

Make a selection – hope it’s right or find yourself disconnected.

Technology has been beneficial in numerous ways only there’s a truly dark down side that often accompanies it. 

No, I have no desire to print out 74 pages of instructions. 

I pray my ordered sneakers arrive today as I need to exercise and de-stress.

Saturday while shopping I received a text ‘delivery on way’. I cut my shopping trip short waited until 8:00 p.m. (time deliveries stop). Unbelievable, the package was a ‘no-show’. 

Guess it’s time to get back to my tech challenge – of all days ‘Motivational Monday’.

It’s doubtful there’s a good day to become overwhelmed – never stops – so much for progress.