The Monday Peeve: #7

Good Mornin’ 

Time for a vent – a rant w/o rave.

Short and sweet (oh, that’s me) irked by mandatory cumulative software updates.

Totally not in favor of guides and manuals inclusive on apps – preference for 

printed copies.

Endless hours spent yesterday trying to locate and maneuver stuff and ready to pull the

plug on the computer – quits.

All I wanted to do was share a video and each try failed so finally I chose a different


This morn (interesting) I typed in the URL and voila – it worked – a mere iota of

frustration overload – who knows. 

After all it’s only Monday and one cup of tea thus far for mmmmeeee and 

feelings lurk within:

My wishin’ to become a rebel. 

C-ya next Monday!!






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