The Monday Peeve No: 13

Virtual Friends

The majority of time on here I enjoy writing poetry, reading others’ blog posts and leaving comments.

To my surprise an unexpected hiatus for near a month gained me a few new followers while a total lack of any correspondence from those I took the time to read their posts and interact via leaving nice comments. 

This is a great source of disappointment for me in a blogger’s world to have applied myself wholeheartedly and followed guidelines.

I’m uncertain of how from this point I shall proceed since my other hobbies upon completion left me with a beautiful view of creativity. 

Sad, I don’t feel the same now as before since virtual camaraderie is far different from face-to-face friendships.


The Monday Peeve No: 13

2 thoughts on “The Monday Peeve No: 13

  1. Yeah, it’s true… there are people I chatted with daily on Facebook who disappeared from my life when I deleted my account. They had no interest in emailing or texting. Oh well. I moved last week and my blog stats dipped into the double digits… apparently many people only visit me after I visit them. Good to know! Lol

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    1. Human behavior is rather interesting at its’ best. I access my FB acct. on occasion – closed most of it up and tired of FB trying to promote my page and gain followers for a price. Wow – how sad with regard to your blog stats. I hope you recap your loss. It seems each day brings another social media surprise / lesson.

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