Back to Original Writing Topic of Dating

A few years ago I attended an author’s convention. I purchased two books selected beforehand and took a selfie with the author.

As I traversed table to table interacting with other authors the conversation turned from them to me and I was questioned about my intentions with regard to topics – genres and future endeavors.

I shared with one woman my idea about Online Dating and she responded, “That’s a terrific topic for a book.” 

There were seven (7) chosen subjects of which I took notes and wrote about our dates and interactions prior to and afterwards.

I kept records of the numerous meet and greets over coffee or a light luncheon at inexpensive restaurants, two gentlemen who became platonic daters and my supposed success story that soured from his depression in response to concern for his adult children and their antics. 

Sadly two other friend zoned ‘win, win situation’ men succumbed to illnesses and passed away which is the norm within the circle of older folk.

After careful thought I made the decision to call it quits. The conclusion of the whole process is most men want younger babes or financially secure women with fat bank accounts.

There are too many scammers out there and unknown is who the person writing to you actually is in real life.

The  process of finding a new companion was becoming a total waste of precious time. I  closed the book rather than turn the page to a new chapter. It’s official; my account is classified defunct. 

My last hopeful I dated earlier this month. The man is a published author and quite creative with other endeavors within his life. Ah, the perfect match. Wishful thinking!  Although intellectually compatible no sparks flew and there was a chill in the air as we departed to our vehicles. 

Numerous other potentials throughout the few years were placed on my ‘no thank you’ list following an initial phone conversation. I listened for what daters call ‘red flags’ and those men didn’t disappoint with their statements.

This is the end of my journey seeking love. I’m thankful for the good times and being able to walk away unscathed and keeping my dignity intact. 

Perhaps it’s time to take all those notes I compiled and restart the project I placed on the back burner. 



2 thoughts on “Back to Original Writing Topic of Dating

  1. Sorry to hear this, but it does appear to be the norm for many of us older daters. We find liars and scammers and crazies, but sadly nothing worth pursuing. A scant few have had success (marriage), so it’s not completely hopeless… but the odds are against us. Let us know about the progress of your book!

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