First Fibbing Friday of 2020

First Fibbing Friday of 2020 – an actual ‘First’ for me

Ten questions:

1. It’s obvious what baked beans and baked potatoes are. But what is a
baked Alaska? 
Ans: A yummie dessert – avoid unless wish to add to one’s spare tire.

2. What is a TLA?
Ans: Talkative Lackadaisical Adult

3. What was boombangabang?
Ans: New Year’s Eve fireworks from the pier

4 . How would you describe a cornice?
Ans: An architectural projection – ice dam count?

5. Who will be on the back of the new £ 20 note when it comes into circulation
in February?
Ans: I shall have to wait and see since this is unknown territory for me. Me thinks I should
Google it. 

6. Where will you be able to buy sky hooks?
Ans: Shop at your local sporting goods store – that fails try hardware store.

7. If two’s company and three’s a crowd, what’s four?
Ans: A recipe for a debate or conflict 

8. Why are squares on a checkers board alternately black and white?
Ans: To allow each player to use his / her color scheme – my board was black and red.

9. What happens to all the holes cut out of ring doughnuts?
Ans: Sold in cute boxes with handles ‘Munchkins’ – small children (even some adults) devour them.

10. Why did the rabbit go up the hole, round the tree, (right to left) and back down
the hole?
Ans: His compact GPS tracker’s battery registered below 20 percent.

First Fibbing Friday of 2020