Double Whammie – SoCS plus JusJoJan

Today's prompt: "ow"

English alphabet: 26 letters
For fun I accessed a favorite site.
The prompt "ow" was listed in 24 - no 'Q' - no 'Z'.

Years ago a fellow blogger shared this morning exercise:
For ten (10) minutes jot down whatever thoughts enter your mind.

Wow! The mental traffic!

With rain showers in today's forecast and a bathroom to redo,
I chose to share a picture of a crochet project near completion 
less than two rows of border left to finish.

It's called a temperature throw. This afghan's color scheme 
is solely individual and based on a degrees range assigned
to a color. 

The throw can be small or large = individual's choice.

Time and dedication are determining factors for 365 days of fun.

Temperature Throw (2)

Just Jot It January - #JusJoJan

Double Whammie - SoCS plus JusJoJan