Three Things Challenge No: 105

Today's words: candle - canary - dip

New diet book dip
Dine like canary look hip
Candles scented buy 
Quick store trip accessories
Aromatherapy wish
Three Things Challenge No: 105







5 thoughts on “Three Things Challenge No: 105

    1. Thank you. I checked my notes – drip was the word I marked down first time.
      Somehow I removed the ‘r’ when I wrote the post.
      Reason likely due to venturing off course from candle wax drip to food.
      I’ll have to pay better attention = senior moment. 🙂


      1. haha. Don’t worry about it. The number of times I’ve read something that wasn’t there. So far it hasn’t landed me in any serious trouble!
        I have CRAFT moments (can’t remember a flipping thing)

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