SoCS plus JusJoJan – Jan 18th

Today’s Prompt:  Movie Title

Confession: rarely frequent a movie theater
Confession: don’t subscribe to movie channels

These days TV selections consist mostly of reality shows.

Think! Think! Think!

Dirty Dancing – Coyote Ugly – Platoon

The three above mentioned are favorites I’ve watched several times.

I relate best to movies of the Vietnam era, genuine talent and comedy.

Oh dear!

The prompt was ‘most recent’ not ‘favorite(s)’.

People know me to be a most frugal female who prefers to remain indoors

evenings and enjoy my own healthy inexpensive popcorn and healthy

fruit-mixed beverages.

Yes, there are nights I choose to  grab the remote and scan the channel

lineup in search of a program to watch until time for bed.

I frequent roughly ten channels and on occasion I’m fortunate – time to

binge-watch Tyler Perry’s movies.

Sad to admit thanks to senior moments I don’t remember titles.

Madea – I do remember since she is always quite hilarious.

And as I’ve heard and read ‘laughter’ is good medicine.


Just Jot It January - #JusJoJan

JusJoJan plus SoCS – Jan. 18th