JusJoJan Day No: 19

Today’s prompt:  Gobbledygook

Scan computer screen
Quick look word seen
Time take another look
Actual prompt – ‘Gobbledygook’
Definitely a word since no red underline
Time access dictionary unknown need define
Love the synonyms think nonsense written lots times
For literary fun chose break down first view
Googled – topical searches – old and current news
D – fourth letter English alphabet, a consonant
Thus far newfound made up word brilliant
Until and then those last four letters
Honest wish description read much better
Gook – a dumb, stupid moron
Time for lunch -this note ending post Sunday morning

JusJoJan Day No: 19



Sunday Writing Prompt “Shut Up”

Thoughts entered my mind when I viewed this prompt ‘Shut up’.

How do you politely ask or tell someone to be quiet without fear of retaliation?

Mothers often have to take their children along on shopping trips. 

I remember the dilemma decades ago faced when my child’s request 

was met with the two-letter word ‘no’.

Back then we mothers practiced distraction and method of peace offerings.

(Here’s a cookie taken from my purse – a surprise reward once home for

GOOD behavior).

Mannerisms changed throughout the years.

No person wishes to browse racks of clothes, shelves of goods nor walk the aisles  

and listen to a mother shouting the ‘same words’ over and over – words louder

than the cries of the child’s temper tantrum.

Perhaps one day there’ll be a noise control button to push to request a shopper

leave or plain ‘Shut up’.

Until then the idea of carrying a pair of earplugs could curb our urge to utter

distasteful negative words as we continue in fear to keep mum.

Sunday Writing Prompt “Shut up”