SocS and JusJoJan – Jan. 25th

Last cell phone conversation:

I answered an incoming call from a local area code. 

The caller began with a polite ‘Good Morning’ and  ‘how are you’.

He introduced himself and stated his agency’s name.

Next followed a question with regard to my seeking gainful employment.

When I informed the man I didn’t leave my name nor sign up anywhere he . . .

Surprise: CLUNK 

No explanation or sorry to have bothered you this early in the day rather  

totally unexpected  100 percent Rudeness.

I vowed to never answer another call from any number not in my contact list.

Self-talk: “If a call is of utmost importance then caller can leave a voice mail.”


Just Jot It January - #JusJoJan

SoCS and JusJoJan – Jan. 25th