Three Things Challenge No: 129

Today’s words: jacket – boredom – relief

Many folks find themselves in a state of boredom during the long blustery

cold winter months.

Spring’s arrival brings welcomed relief. Tis wonderful to don a lightweight

jacket  and walk outdoors, breathe the  fresh air – feel the sunshine on

your face  and view budding flowers in neighboring yards.

Seasonal Affective Disorder – Good-bye!

Three Things Challenge No: 129

12 thoughts on “Three Things Challenge No: 129

      1. OK – Thanks. I know on Twitter there is one. I didn’t know whether to question this (don’t wanna seem caddy) only a new follower of mine linked her post to my site. Thus when I approved and liked (counted for a like on hers). I did politely explain that I was a participant on your challenge. I didn’t approve others from her; however I played detective and she’s placing her posts yet failing to like the host’s posts. I don’t know if she is aware of this – if I should inform her or MYOB.


      2. I saw a joint connection today on the 3TC. The pingbacks are working OK so I see them when they come in. I’ve had instances from other bloggers where they’ve linked to my post for someone else’s challenge and like you I’ve thanked them and told them it’s not mine and who the originator is. I try now to make sure any challenges I do show clearly who set them just in case!

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      3. You caught me on the computer before supper checking FB – great-granddaughter (5) down with the Flu.
        Thanks for the input Di.
        This is a first for me – someone befriends me – claims in process of learning.
        I try to be nice to everyone – try not to overthink.
        I follow guidelines – an individual makes a nice comment and I reply.
        To me friendship is a two-way street.
        I’ll decide what to do on my end with regard to blogger in question.

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