Three Things Challenge No: 133

Today’s words: cream – demolish – guilt

Tis February the month of love
Opting more awesome positives
Vow disallow negativities thrive 

Yesterday a trip thru drive-thru
Order given – usual no mistaken
Small hot coffee light – no sugar
Employees normally add 3 shots cream
Waited longer than usual – guess new gal
Yepp handed me cup with sticker quote
Small original with 2 shots milk bit disappoint
What to do – demolish quick thought to complain
Create a backup in drive-thru ‘n cause newbie guilt
Once home no problem added half ‘n half – coffee perfection

Three Things Challenge No: 133



4 thoughts on “Three Things Challenge No: 133

    1. I like my morning tea with breakfast.
      Afternoons I often stop at the most
      favorite franchise in town for coffee
      (hot during winter & iced during summer).
      I consider it a treat – one of few I allow myself.


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