The Monday Peeve No: 21

Today I was going to peeve about myself and how disorganization has played a part

in how I feel at times.

Ah, then I read a fellow blogger’s post about monogamy and dating.

The older you become (if alone) the more vulnerable or perhaps men think you’re 

plain dumb.

Senior men search for Barbie doll types, women financially set or plain hookups.

Few on dating sites look for exclusivity. 

I don’t know what goes through another’s mind only this gal once married long 

term isn’t about to share any man in the intimacy department.

At one time I blogged a bit about different types of men – charmers – players etc. 

I have more self-respect for myself, able to resist temptation early-on and sad

but true lost a few men along the way due to my personal beliefs.

The Monday Peeve No: 21


RDP Monday: Aromatic

Today’s prompt: aromatic

Certain there must be a valid reason for the aromatic skunk odor of Cannabis.

My residence, an apartment complex, borders a huge park with some wild animals.

It appears I was a bit naïve.

First night I walked into the kitchen and phew – aromatic skunk smell near choked me.

No problem since skunk odor carries for miles.

I wondered if the unpleasant odor of a skunk close-by had seeped thru opened


The second evening a repeat performance – the beginning of aromatic skunk

permeating throughout the building.

It’s legal here.

That same weekend standing in the checkout line at a local store – more skunk odor.

One clerk stated a skunk must be close by – the other stated NO a person smelling of

weed entered the store.

Oh wonderful! Skunk perfume / skunk cologne.

Thought to self:

Heaven forbid an actual real live skunk gets too close and you think it’s that

aromatic weed smell.

RDP Monday: Aromatic