RDP Monday: Aromatic

Today’s prompt: aromatic

Certain there must be a valid reason for the aromatic skunk odor of Cannabis.

My residence, an apartment complex, borders a huge park with some wild animals.

It appears I was a bit naïve.

First night I walked into the kitchen and phew – aromatic skunk smell near choked me.

No problem since skunk odor carries for miles.

I wondered if the unpleasant odor of a skunk close-by had seeped thru opened


The second evening a repeat performance – the beginning of aromatic skunk

permeating throughout the building.

It’s legal here.

That same weekend standing in the checkout line at a local store – more skunk odor.

One clerk stated a skunk must be close by – the other stated NO a person smelling of

weed entered the store.

Oh wonderful! Skunk perfume / skunk cologne.

Thought to self:

Heaven forbid an actual real live skunk gets too close and you think it’s that

aromatic weed smell.

RDP Monday: Aromatic

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