Three Things Challenge No: 138

Today’s words: copy – aisle – penny

Sheet of multi-colored copy paper
Mad orange – red
emojis inclusive
A complaint – clerks lack assistance
Shy soft-spoken lad waits in first aisle
Anxious to place his jar of coins in machine
Certain my facial frown plus written words
Worth more than a penny to store manager’s lingering thoughts

Three Things Challenge No: 138





One thought on “Three Things Challenge No: 138

  1. Nice. Reminds me of an elderly lady who brought in her penny jar and tipped it into my till just as I was about to close for lunch. It took me over an hour to count it and I wasn’t given a break until the bank closed at 3.30 as they did then. These days the cashier gives you the bags and you have to count it yourself for them to weigh, Times have changed (excuse pun). In my cashier days, we had to count everything manually
    Thanks for joining in again today.

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