SoCS February 8th 2020

Today’s prompt:  pack or unpack

I view the words and moving comes to mind – a non-reality for me.


I don’t know how ‘to lie’.

Values instilled from youth passed onto my children backfired again.

I took the time to fill out the forms and told the damn truth.

For what?

Paperwork stamp ‘rejected’ – reason: income above guideline cap.


It seems a slight increase to my fixed income placed me in the category of non-eligible

for any form of assistance.

Taken away from me my $16.00 per month in food stamps along with my fuel 


Each time I tried to get onboard with regard to employment – I wasn’t poor 

enough for the programs. 


The system stinks if you are an honest person with a conscience.

Months after my housing application was filed away I learned the income guideline

had increased by thousands and my fixed income now fell far below.

Funny I never read of this change and an internet search proved fruitless.

I’ve questioned a few as to when the cap was raised only to date no answers.

So I re-applied and wait and pray moving day arrives before my expiration date. 

In awe I sit – wonder – trying to ‘unpack‘ my suitcase of unmentionable thoughts.

To date I’ve lived with hope and faith in humans only recently have come to the

realization: “never expect others to act in the same mannerisms as you”.

Thus this people-pleaser made the decision to pack it in and change over from nice  

to not-nice = a self-help process that teaches one to be real while still remaining 

an honest and truthful person.

Tis official it’s fine to  pack the right to speak up rather than remain quiet and

suffer in silence into my backpack.

A new attitude – good intentions – process of deletion of all negatives – doable. 

SoCS February 8th 2020