The Monday Peeve No: 22

The Monday Peeve No: 22

Self-reminder:  compile a list of complaints throughout the week –

things that piss me off.

Then on Monday I could choose the most bothersome to me previous days  

Tuesday through Sunday.

Today’s intention was to write about those bothersome pop-up ads as

you click one off and another one greets your computer screen. 

A late start this morn I began the usual scroll thru the Reader before breakfast. 

My thyroid med dictates – a glass of water and no food for minimum

30 minutes. 

Surprise! Surprise!

Majority post selections one following another = morbidity.

Overcome thanks to consistent negativity I experienced the sudden desire

to puke.

I knew this feeling wasn’t due to my morning med nor fact of no nourishment

rather the depth of the reads.

Thankfully I was able to access my favorite morning floral sites and enjoy 

viewing the beauty of the ladies’ daily floral selections. 

I thought February was supposed to be the month of LOVE only today’s posts 

left me with sad feelings that could lead to a day ahead of depression. 

It’s amazing the power of words – this impact fueled the desire to shutdown 

the computer and left me with decision return later versus never come back.

It may be I need to change my desired topical selections, continue to interact

with those I’ve come to know and enjoy via shares.

Yes, I can relate to so many people on here as I’ve walked in their shoes

or a similar pair. The difference is the pain I share although real leaves

out sordid details.

I’m trying hard to rebuild my personal life and triggers via these types of reads 

could lead to the possibility of setback(s).






4 thoughts on “The Monday Peeve No: 22

  1. I could list so many names that continue to bring me grief and pain, whenever I am reminded of them. I no longer go on Facebook, except to see if there are any specific messages. My blogs go there, but I don’t. There is so much negativity in the world that why add more voluntarily? I try each day to find the strength to stay positive despite my troubles and it is amazing that people choose to live a life of negativity and ill-will. Keep your eye on the positive! That is what I try to remind myself. If someone is suffering from something, I have no problem embracing that with them but when it is meaningless I could care less.

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    1. You have a great attitude 🙂 seek out the positives in life – be thankful for the simple joys. Similar to you in recent times I spend less and less time on FB – my posts don’t go there anymore either since FB was constantly asking me to boost them to gain followers. Since writing is a retirement hobby I saw no significance to pay $$ for names.

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  2. I agree that those pop up ads are so annoying!
    On the downer posts that are all complaining or negative in nature, well, I can’t take too many of those kind either. I’m glad seeing the flower posts of mine and others brings about a happier mood to everyone. I sure appreciate your stopping by and your lovely comments. ❤

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