Decision – Speak Up or Remain Silent

I like to think of myself as a member of the forever learning process reading club thru

personal choice book selections, magazines, newspapers and bloggers’ posts.

Those bloggers with whom I interact daily or weekly know the true definition

of friendship.

When two people (even virtual ones) put in similar amounts of effort a friendship will

begin to flourish. 

“To have a friend one must be a friend, a sincere one.”

This week I searched for ‘The Monday Peeve’ to no avail.

Either the prompt page wasn’t offered or I missed it thanks to my laptop’s 

newfound habit of screen broad-jumping in reverse.

Thus no Peevery post from me – maybe next week.

Over the weekend I’d read a post which made my blood boil. 

I couldn’t fathom how the writer chose the analogy – comparison of apples to  

oranges was my initial thought.

People read the post and commented positively yet IMO to compare a serious 

worldwide health issue to a college exam didn’t sit well with me.

Yepp, everyone is entitled to their opinion and I won’t always understand nor agree

with them.

I refrained from commenting since not a student debating in Ethics class.  I did

wish there was a dislike button to click though. 

I digress.

Today, TGIF,  I met with a bit of  disappointment. I wanted to participate in a fun

weekly prompt only to do so would require research in order to stretch the truth.

Moving on . . .

Next on the agenda of complaints was  a well-written post on an important topic

in today’s society.

The content left me dumbfounded – an out-of-sorts study fizzled to near failure.

I suppose there was ‘something’ to learn or gain from this what I consider an

exercise in poor taste.

The thought crossed my mind as to who pays for these studies?

Answer: likely the taxpayers.

Last to address was an actual question to self if better to bypass or disagree.

I chose to bypass.

There used to be a statement dating back to Medieval times  – a bit like a question 

written within marriage vows which in more recent times has been eliminated

unless a couple requests the preacher place it therein.

“Speak now or forever hold your peace.”

I digress.

A Proverbial saying: “Speech is silver. Silence is golden.”













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