Light Bulb Moment

Smorgasbord reads

Diversification topics
Majority chock full positivity

Working betwixt laptop and cell phone
Personal perception time passed unknown

Felt tad guilty when checked clock
Retired do whatever wish mental block

Hours 12:00 a.m. thru 6:00 a.m.
Minutes slowly pass snail’s pace
Daylight hours clock revs up Nascar race

Fresh smell the roses persona attitude
Free to face world’s daily trite platitudes

Desire ne’er become stick-in-the-mud
Tulip blooms abundance thankfulness squad

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FOWC Рepiphany 

Light Bulb Moment

RDP – perception

Light Bulb Moment

Three Things Challenge – tulip – free – mud

Light Bulb Moment






SoCS – February 22nd 2020

Today’s prompt: animal sounds

This morn I accessed Facebook to find ‘surprise choice’ create a new look.

When I clicked to view info in my hometown group I was flabbergasted at

pics one resident took of a coyote ‘too close for comfort’ and so I read ALL

the comments.

It seems there’s been an increase in coyote sightings in the historic district.

Lovely, besides squirrels, skunks wandering through the park that borders

my apartment complex – a new concern worry about coyotes – dare I walk

to the library or post office.

Irk! Irk!

Coyote in Hometown (2)

No thanks to usual daily walk thru center of town and down the bike path.

It seems coyotes are NOT nocturnal and town residents have been asked

to refrain from calling for assistance unless the coyote appears aggressive.


For twenty-five years I lived in the countryside amidst pine trees and forest

animals. I wonder why never once did I see a coyote which resembles a wolf.

An internet search on coyote sounds found:

  • Bark
  • Howl
  • Huff
  • Wimper
  • Whines
  • Yelps
  • Yipps

I came to the conclusion: safer to drive to all destinations – access the gym for


Perhaps time for sign:

coyote alert (2)

SoCS – February 22nd 2020