The Monday Peeve No: 24

Today’s suggested topic: videos

As with most internet searches the problem can be an overabundance of choices.

It bothers me when I plug in a search for an instructional video and those offered

are spoken in a foreign language and translation unavailable.

If fortunate enough to actually find what I’m looking for I face dealing with

rate of speed thus need pause and replay video several times.

I can’t take notes that fast.

Take me back to days of instructional booklets – those I could highlight, 

reference back and no pestering request to pay for a subscription came while

reading them.

My own personal peeve this morn is pop-up ads – you know those which block 

the selected content which ‘you’ desired to read. These suckers come in all 

sizes too – at times a person needs a magnifying glass to find the ‘x’ to

click them off.

Oh, wait – look another ad pops up.

Small wonder people are over-stressed.

The Monday Peeve No: 24

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