One Liner Wednesday – Written Off

Living abroad, a Mother’s son (member of LGBT community) – a brother to a 

much younger sister who both gave to him total unconditional love appears 

in recent times near written off his loving immediate family members – the

repercussion following a sad event for which neither is to blame.

One Liner Wednesday – Written off



2 thoughts on “One Liner Wednesday – Written Off

  1. It is so sad that people are torn apart for things they have no way of controlling. I know there are people who believe it is all in the choices we make and we can control it, but I think God sent us all here, a bit differently, to learn how to be compassionate and understanding.

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    1. Yes friend tis truly sad – especially to those on the undeserved receiving end after decades of being genuine. So much the past twenty plus years brought me to tears and questioned a faith I believed in 100 percent – even taught CCD (Catechism classes).
      The world has changed drastically and good people are hurt / heartbroken. Sad! 😦

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