SoCS – February 29th 2020

Today’s prompt:  ‘ect’

For decades home was the suburbs and I the family taxi-driver as residents
couldn’t walk to schools, stores or restaurants.

Twelve years ago I moved back to my hometown (population 16,000) and
later relocated to the historic district in center of town.

My apartment complex borders a park and I was surprised by the amount
of squirrels. They are such nervous critters and from my balcony it was a
source of enjoyment to watch them in action – eating and storing food for
the winter months.

And then along came the fox – several foxes which I assume are the reason
I rarely see squirrels anymore.

If that wasn’t strange enough in recent months town residents began to
catch sight of another animal wandering around – coyote(s),  especially
in the historic district. 

I’d viewed posted pictures and read articles written by both concerned 
parents and pet owners.

And then it happened – a closeup of what looks like a wolf eyes on
me from a distance in the apartment complex’s parking lot.

I didn’t expect to turn around from the garbage bin and find a coyote.

Yesterday was one day I was sure thankful the main key to access the
building didn’t stick in the lock.

Twenty-five years of country living amid other forest animals never
once saw a coyote. I don’t wish to ever be that close in proximity again.

I learned a lesson ‘always expect the unexpected’ wandering thru town.

wolf pic 2 (2)wolf pic (2)

SoCS February 29th 2020













Fibbing Friday: February 28th

30 minutes – race against clock – before Friday becomes Saturday on my calendar – GO!!

Wonderful I type go and the keyboard refuses to type. WONDERFUL – doubtful meet 

this deadline.

  1. Where will you find a windlass?
    Ans: in the weight room at the gym
  2.  What’s the difference between a paddle and an oar?
    Ans: the circumference of the pole
  3.  How do you bore water?
    Ans: carefully
  4.  If 007 has a licence to kill, what do the previous 6 have licences for?
    Ans: (in no particular order) – thought patterns documentation – intentional
    deviations – graphing charts – tactics – immunity – seal of approval to chicken
  5. Why do we have pancakes on Shrove Tuesday?
    Ans: Food storage in prep of long wait until Fat Tuesday a.k.a. Mardi Gras
  6.  Why do we say something is ‘dog-eared’ if it’s shabby or tatty?
    Ans: Sounds more pleasing to the ear and much better visual than
    description ‘moth-eaten’
  7.  What color are peacock eggs?
    Ans: Various – depends on the painter
  8.  What is the difference between the Big Dipper and The Plough?
    Ans: The location – US/Canada versus UK/Ireland 
  9.  How do you make Sloe Gin?
    Ans: Ask the bartender to shake well all ingredients for a fizz effect
  10.  Who were The Goons?
    Ans: Relatives of mine – actual considered alien due to RH Negative blood

Fibbing Friday: February 28th