The Birth of a Candy Bar – Humorous

Chocolate crave
Refuse misbehave
Isolation – bit stir crazy
Chocolate smell – aromatherapy
Choose write ’bout it – humorous psychotherapy

Birth of a Candy Bar (2)

One ‘PayDay’
Mr. ‘Goodbar’ wanted a ‘Bit-O-Honey’.
He took Miss ‘Hershey’s’ downtown
next to the corner of Main and ‘5th Avenue’.
OMG – he began to feel her ‘Mounds’ withΒ 
another OMG ‘his ‘Butterfinger’.
Pure ‘Almond Joy’ (LOL)
OMG – it made her ‘Tootsie Roll’.
He let out a ‘Snickers’.
She screamed ‘Oh Henry’!
You are even better than the ‘Musketeers’.
Soon she became ‘Chunky’ and
9 months later ‘Baby Ruth’ was born.


Self-Notation: “I can’t believe I’m posting this.” <smile>




11 thoughts on “The Birth of a Candy Bar – Humorous

    1. Glad you enjoyed the humor πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
      I like peace and quiet only this isolation is a
      bit much. Rumors are we are headed for a lockdown in the states. Ugh!! All I have for chocolate is frozen Junior Mints as I don’t make it a habit to stock up on chocolate. 😦


      1. Our PM has just announced closures of pubs, clubs, restaurants, gyms, community centres, etc. I’m glad I won the raffle and got an Easter Egg and box of jelly babies! Oh well, this might give the diet a boost and I’ll lose those extra pounds.
        Stay safe June.

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