Three Things Challenge No: 183

Today’s words: delivery – round – pay

Round and round thoughts revolve of a walkabout (a spiritual journey) as I sit

waiting for a knock on the door from the delivery man with boxes of Hawaiian

printed fabric for which this gal had to pay top dollar – no discounts for special


Three Things Challenge No: 183


9 thoughts on “Three Things Challenge No: 183

    1. Thought process – fiction success 🙂 Thanks for the inquiry – last time I ordered fabric I had to sit home and wait for the delivery man (requirement my signature) was when sewing dancewear and OOK outfits to supplement my income. I still have some UFOs (unfinished objects) only lack desire to finish them.

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      1. Early teens I participated in a summer program – hand-sewed my first skirt – won 1st prize – next summer repeat performance.
        First year marriage I received a sewing machine as a birthday gift from my husband.
        Over the years (decades) I sewed lots of clothes and quilts – saved $$. Life’s circumstances changed – less sewing until necessity to pay bills. Now my 2 sewing machines (covered) plus a serger gather dust.


      2. Yes, we are a single storey building with a small attic which Hubby boarded out so that we could utilise the space, even though we had next to nothing when we moved here! It’s a manual one and does work, the bobbins etc still present. The casing is locked and we have no key, but Hubby worked on security so knew how to get in with no damage. It is surprsingly shiny!

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