Three Things Challenge No: 188

Today’s words: violin – wire – handle

Bird on wire
Folklore creature vampire

Satan for certain
Potential close final curtain

Health crisis countries worldwide
Novel virus proceed tis impossible hide

Remembrance reflect on sixties
Blond hair blue-eye daughter pretty

Elementary school she play violin
School supplied free days back then

Early teenage years in turmoil 
Reasons for which little did know

Health issue diagnosis
Tested – results good prognosis

Married with two children
Change doctors – change medication

Weight gain fast not slow side effect
Result unexpected major heart attack

One ne’er knows their inner strength
Until unimaginable face handle child’s death

Recent articles read disbelief portion humanity
Category numbers high lack conscious ‘n honesty

Possibility widespread pandemic avoidance
Selfish power desire naught foremost precedence

Three Things Challenge No: 188






6 thoughts on “Three Things Challenge No: 188

    1. Shared thoughts and feelings via a poem – bit lengthy however this chaotic state of the world brought me back to year 1995. Grief lessens with time yet has triggers. I pray you, your husband and Maggie are doing okay. 🙂


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