The Birth of a Candy Bar – Humorous

Chocolate crave
Refuse misbehave
Isolation – bit stir crazy
Chocolate smell – aromatherapy
Choose write ’bout it – humorous psychotherapy

Birth of a Candy Bar (2)

One ‘PayDay’
Mr. ‘Goodbar’ wanted a ‘Bit-O-Honey’.
He took Miss ‘Hershey’s’ downtown
next to the corner of Main and ‘5th Avenue’.
OMG – he began to feel her ‘Mounds’ with 
another OMG ‘his ‘Butterfinger’.
Pure ‘Almond Joy’ (LOL)
OMG – it made her ‘Tootsie Roll’.
He let out a ‘Snickers’.
She screamed ‘Oh Henry’!
You are even better than the ‘Musketeers’.
Soon she became ‘Chunky’ and
9 months later ‘Baby Ruth’ was born.


Self-Notation: “I can’t believe I’m posting this.” <smile>




St. Patrick’s Day 2020

Life zigzagging off course
Invisible enemy Coronavirus
Isolation rules  bans enforced

Family gathering St. Paddy’s Day dinner
Corn beef ‘n cabbage scrumptious winner
Cancelled – order takeout delivery manner

Worldwide millions daily regimen disrupted
Morning read articles politicians corrupted
First day felt desire applaud friends anti-Trumpees  

Appear country leader ignore magnitude health crisis
Elected officials wait orders ‘what to do’ teeter edge abyss
Relax – it will go away – common sense – epidemic impossible dismiss 







The Monday Peeve – No: 27

Topic of price gouging

Over the weekend I read an article posted on the internet. 

The source was one I trust for truth – no fake news.

Caption of man sitting on 17,700 bottles of hand sanitizer and no place

to sell them. 


It seems he and a few others who chose not to reveal their identities saw an

opportunity to make quick cash without concern for fellow humans.

Beforehand, lacking conscious, these gougers travelled store to store (even

to outlying areas) buying up entire supplies of surgical masks, hand sanitizers 

and thermometers.

Through online sellers they earned big bucks – one quoted a $25,000 profit 

before being halted.

Personally I feel when you violate polices you should be punished by the

legal system.

In my opinion, any person who profited via hindering public safety

precautionary measures (especially to elderly and other unfortunate

members of society) before the now sad Pandemic is a total disgrace

(polite word) to mankind.






Friday the 13th – An Imbecile

Friday thirteen
Overthink association
Fan’s bad luck unforeseen

Magical thinking during night
One 1.32K app fans’ actions opposite delight
Saved ‘n shared video one of several Supermes
90.5K times another’s work – idea gain popularity  

Beneath the glowing cube of chosen pics
Foreign language ‘German’ hashtag read
Emoji – from this painting protect yourself
Thanks Google Translate for this morn’s help

Tis sad when person’s main intentions enjoyment fun
Jealousy, haters, spoilers and constant rule breakers
Top of list fan comments state ‘not yours’  reporting you hun 
Record time my creation imbecile’s site gone – wise decision block her.

M aneuver
B ackfires

E xploitation
C aught
I mitation
L oses out
E radication 

ever wonder - imbeciles - mark twain (2)

Fandango’s Provocative Question No: 60

A coincidence – my ex-spouse’s 76th birthday – how did I meet him – interesting.

Many mornings when I walked the distance house to high school he bypassed me

in his fancy convertible. 

I knew he had a girlfriend – after all there she was sitting close to him.

When he started to venture into my turf I ran for cover – jumped over hedges to

avoid him.

I later learned the soda fountain clerk at the local pharmacy (an after school

hangout for myself and besties to indulge in flavored sodas and snacks)

was actually ‘his’ best friend.

My teen-age friends warned me not to bother with him.

I didn’t listen to them.

Usually the norm for parents to disapprove of dating choices – not besties.

Near three years later I married him and spent thirty-two years together,

thirty-five years according to our divorce decree.

Hindsight is 20/20 and not one person can predict the future.

As I like to keep my personal life ‘private’ I wish not to further comment.

Fandango’s Provocative Question No: 60










Depression – Empty Feelings

Realization and admission of factors set me back – impossible move forward path.

Tired of all the bull-crap people peddle seems like each forgot wear rubber boots

before dancing in puddles. 

It’s hard to admit defeat – always thought continue the struggle – win – beat.

Tis not I consider self a failure; tis trying to do too much late in life alone well

competition difficult for one-man band.

I’ve read the posts written about events of people’s weeks – interesting some

complain while others embellish.

I’m onboard with knowledge of people prefer positivity over negativity only

a certain few need to get grips on own reality.  

Life seems easier for the rich – harder for the middle class.

Does that any longer actually exist?

I empathize with the minority folk extremely poor.

The percentage of humans suffering due to circumstances beyond their control

continues to grow – a first morning read facts untold.

Scrolled down to find a well-written article on the topic of the global

virus beginning to hit close to home in the states – no concern social status.

It’s truly scary – people worldwide panic-stricken – actual number of victims risen.

When shopping in recent days I’ve witnessed people wearing masks.

Try not overthink since reasons why crossed my mind be measure precautionary 

Versus someone been in close contact with infected person possibility.

Went on to read an article about a benign illness my own body had succumbed to

back in the 90s. Various thoughts ran thru my head due to words I read – really?

An actual patient educated with facts I was quite shocked to read some words

because I questioned those written facts.

Unbelievable but true: 

I actually was thankful when my computer malfunctioned – usual an occurrence

often dread.

Well I’ve blogged today – no prompts rather lots of random thoughts. 

With that I’ll leave you with a beautiful picture-perfect inspirational quote

which could be the front of a Hallmark card uncertain what occasion though

‘Thinking of You’ how nice: 


quote about life from unknown author