Faith and Priorities

Today still uncertain
Best close final curtain

Lord’s messages sent
Interpretations present

Decision address ‘n face
Priorities life misplaced

Whene’er new ideas react
Goal progress sidetracked

Creation last vid clip past weekend
Bid ‘adieu’ thousands virtual friends

Unmarked lit calendar squares near
Allowance time for personal self-care

Thoughts ahead return limited basis
Change niche new journey she embraces






Saturday Mix – Rhyme Time, 7 March 2020

Today’s words: mock, shock, stock, lock, block, hock

Five minute drive to purchase a ham hock
Shopper unaware auto problem in for a shock
Return discover key unable open car door lock
Phone mechanic shop located around the block
Tumbler problem replacement part out-of-stock
Ignore dashboard’s maintenance warning light result self-mock

Saturday Mix – Rhyme Time, 7 March 2020


Three Things Challenge No: 166

Today’s words: flex – title – merry-go-round

Free membership rat race
The merry-go-round of life
Sunny days productive pass too fast
Rainy days bit sedentary tread slower pace
Certificate framed wall-mounted states title Personal Trainer
Twice per week older generation flex muscles exercises modified
Fortunate Circuit training class local senior centers for small fee provide

Three Things Challenge No: 166



Three Things Challenge No: 165

Today’s words: biscuit – fist – cross

E’er wonder what makes a person snap

Cross fine thread-like line sane to crazy

Totally disgusted percentage today’s youth lazy

World of violent video games ‘n fast food meals

Request favor family member – only work for cash surreal

Technology – constant sudden computer updates shakes her fist

Oh great – a look at clock hours past time relax – today no tea and biscuit

Another night prep a meal for one- sad lonely feelings connote

Sneaky suspicion she’s a wee bit ‘Mad as a Hatter’ until read following quote

“Finding true love is like finding the mosquito that bit you” – Anonymous wrote.

Three Things Challenge No: 165








Three Things Challenge No: 164

Today’s words: kick – low – pressure

Separated from your ‘sick’ wife 
Shakespearean messages send
Pressure me for a meet and greet
(coffee date or light lunch)
Thought to self ‘you a real lowlife’
Decline ‘n remain polite
Ne’er on God’s green earth
Consider dating any man like you
A good swift ‘kick in the pants’ is what you deserve.

Three Things Challenge No: 164