SoCS: 4-11-2020 – Joint

Senior citizen
420 friendly ‘joint‘ smoke ne’er
Stress release write post imperative

Considerate me always
Gathered ‘portion’ weekly laundry
Unexpected complex washing machine hungry

Fed six quarters inside required slots
Back upstairs additional few items thee forgot 
Downstairs realize water pressure low solution sought

Stood there fifteen minutes more
Opening and closing washer’s cover door
Irksome method allow enter trickling water

Clothes washed placed in dryer
Remain calm knowledgeable retiree
No point stress-out wish known issue prior

Minutes ahead timer on await clothes retrieve
Thankful quick find funky sewing site, ah mind appease
Scanned instructions soft toy doll arms ‘n legs together sew button ‘joint‘ definite easy

SoCS: 4-11-2020 – Joint



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